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What is a Coaches Eye

Alex Williams

You know your athlete needs to start training. You understand the potential benefits of
increasing their strength, their speed, or endurance and how it could translate to in-sport success.
Where do you go? Do you sign them up for a local fitness club membership or should you commit them
to a training facility led by coaches? This is a dilemma that many parents of young athletes face. Do they
really need a coach-led session? What are the benefits?

In the sports performance field, the role of a certified coach goes far beyond just the X’s & O’s.
As a foundation, every coach should have sound principles based on proven science. These principles
guide us to know the when and what in training. What exercise do I use for a volleyball or soccer
athlete? What exercise is appropriate for the offseason vs playoffs? When do I teach a new exercise to a
novice vs when I teach it to an athlete familiar with training? These are concepts most coaches can and
do address.

However, as a parent, what you’re paying for is a coach’s ability to address the why and how of
training. Why do I have back pain when I do insert exercise? How do I fix or prevent it? How do I
improve my jumping ability? A coach’s ability to see a movement in real time, diagnose it, and create a plan
of action is what’s referred to as a coaches eye and this is what separates good coaches from great.

Each athlete and every movement is unique, like a puzzle. When I watch an athlete go through
exercises, I mentally go through a checklist that I’m watching for. The things I could be looking for
include: does their form look good, is there potential for injury, is this too easy or hard for them?
Depending on the answers to these questions, I then decide whether I want to progress or regress what
they’re doing. The same goes for when an athlete performs speed or agility drills. Do they get enough
extension in their sprint? What is impeding their knee drive? Can they properly decelerate? Again, these
are questions that can be difficult to answer in real time without a trained coach who knows what
they’re looking for.

Anyone can create a workout. A coach gets the best out of each session for each athlete. By
giving each athlete specific, real-time feedback and reinforcement, the athlete not only gets the proper
stimuli from their session but they start to gain an understanding and insight into their training they may
not be able to get by training alone with no one to guide them.

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Premium ClasseS


A first of its kind in Indiana, OPS is proud to feature a 42-bike cycle room featuring Stages Studio bikes and programming. Escape the grind of everyday life with this high energy, party on a bike workout!

Adult Performance Training

Break out of your old mold and experience life changing results with Level Up! Adult Training. Learn from our certified performance coaches and discover a new community of motivated peers, as you uncover your inner athlete.

Additional fees apply. 

Barre Burn

What to Expect

Barre combines ballet inspired moves with elements of Pilates, yoga and strength training. This class will focus on high reps of small range of movements working those intricate muscle groups for a total body burn. This class is unheated!


Equipment Used

Ballet Bar, light hand weights, mat, gliding discs, bands

class length

45 mins

This class is included in your membership.

OPS Chiropractic care and therapy

Dr. Goins and Dr. Russell’s goal is to get to the root cause of your pain or movement impairment.  Using a combination of muscle testing, functional and orthopedic testing, and gait analysis, they work to more clearly identify what is driving the dysfunction.  Then a personalized game plan is put together, including at-home exercises aimed at isolating and building up the proper areas.  Whether it’s getting out of pain or boosting performance, they can give you the tools to get you there.

Call (260) 479-2752 to schedule an appointment. 

Offices are located in the new OPS Fitness Club located off of Dupont Rd. 

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Dr. Jason Russell, DC

Executive Director, Chiropractor


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Director of Health and Wellness, Chiropracter

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