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Athletes experience measurable results through OPS Athlete Training.  OPS uses scientific methods to help get the most out of your training. Our unique program focuses on fundamental movement training, speed and agility, explosive power development, proper strength training and conditioning. Frequent tests will showcase measurable improvements as training progresses. Your goals become OUR goals!

Consistency is key to making the improvements you want to see! We recommend middle school athletes attend 2x per week and high school athletes 3x.


Small Group Training

Unlock your athletic potential with our Small Group Training  Program. Tailored for individuals seeking peak physical condition, our program integrates cutting-edge sports science methodologies. From enhancing specific skills to optimizing overall performance, we focus on fundamental movement training, speed and agility development, explosive power, and targeted strength and conditioning. 

Team Training

Teamwork meets peak performance in our Team Training program. Designed for sports teams, groups, or organizations, our specialized training enhances cohesion, skill development, and overall athletic prowess. With a focus on collaborative drills and targeted exercises, Team Training fosters a sense of unity while optimizing each member’s capabilities. Elevate your team’s performance collectively, as we guide you through a comprehensive program aimed at achieving shared success.

Personal Training

Embark on a personalized fitness journey with our  Personal Training program. Our certified trainers work closely with you to create a customized plan tailored to your unique goals and preferences. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, muscle gain, or overall fitness improvement, our experts provide individualized attention, motivation, and expertise. Experience a transformative fitness experience with OPS Personal Training, where your success is our primary focus.

Summer Small group Athlete training

6-Week Training Session

Looking to take your athletic performance to the next level this summer? Join our small group performance training program and elevate your game!

  • Experienced, certified coaches
  • Individualized training program
  • Athletic testing and screenings
  • A comprehensive program that includes warmup, power work, sprinting, and lifting to help you achieve your goals for the upcoming season
  • In our small group setting, you’ll receive a personalized training program and instruction, while also benefitting from the camaraderie and support of your fellow athletes
  • State-of-the-art facility and equipment
  • Open communication with parents
  • Sign up now and get ready to dominate your sport this season!

Spots are limited.

Contact the front desk for more information. (260) 479-2744



Session 1 | May 20 – June 28


Members: $165

Non-Members: $215


  • Pick your choice of days/times
  • We recommend athletes do 2/3 times per week. Preferably on nonconsecutive days. 
  • You need to book each day/time as its own session. 

Register here!

Team training and individual training available upon request. Questions? Contact us at (260) 479-2744

Check out our special programming for summer 2024!


Sports Performance Coaches


Nathan Wadley

Director of Sports Performance - Warsaw


Paul Zinchenko

Director of Sports Performance


Eli Sommer

Sports Performance Coach


Jon Scribner

Lead Sports Performance Coach - Internship Coordinator


Shaylynn Trump

Sports Performance Coach - Warsaw


CJ McCarter

Sports Performance Coach


Alex Williams

Sports Performance Coach


Dillon Painter

Sports Performance Coach - Ash

Nathan Wadley [email protected]

Paul Zinchenko
[email protected]

Eli Sommer
[email protected]

Jon Scribner
[email protected]

Shaylynn Trump
[email protected]

CJ McCarter
 [email protected]

Alex Williams
[email protected]

Dylan Painter
[email protected]


Purdue University Track
"My experience with OPS has been tremendous. I put all my trust in the coaches to ensure I was the getting the best possible training while doing it smart and safe. OPS became my second family. A place where they truly cared about every single person"
Justin Becker
Indiana Tech Softball
“Training at OPS has been an amazing experience that helped me grow tremendously in my athletic career. I would not have been prepared to play a college sport had I not trained at OPS through high school and in my college softball off season. The training staff not only helped me prepare to take the field, but became like family! I am extremely fortunate to have OPS play such a huge part in my life!”
Karsyn Kitchen
Wabash College Soccer
“Regardless of what you're training for, OPS is the athletic performance training center in the area to be at. Can't say enough regarding the first class atmosphere, environment, trainers and facilities OPS provides. If you're serious about improving and bettering yourself get in touch with them and get started!”
Bayden Lee
Lawrence Tech Basketball
"I have trained with OPS for over 10 years now and have loved every second of it! I would have never achieved my success in college basketball without each of my trainers who believed in me and pushed me to be my best."
Julia Huey
Purdue University Basketball
"OPS helped me by first developing the basics when it came to movements and strength, and then building upon those basics. When I got to Purdue I was far ahead of my teammates in my class from a strength/speed and that would not have been possible without OPS!"
Caleb Furst
Valparaiso University Golf
"The time I spent training at OPS was an all-around amazing experience. One of the main things that makes OPS stand out is the sense of community. I was able to build relationships with the trainers, and I knew they were committed to helping me achieve my goals and get better each day. I believe that OPS is one of the main reasons I was able to take my golf game to the next level, and play collegiately. I have nothing but gratitude for my experiences at OPS."
Grant Norman
Iowa University Golf
“My training and experience at OPS has helped me achieve goals on and off the course. I am so grateful to be part of the OPS family and have a group of trainers who support me along the way!"
Madi Dabagia
Huntington University Baseball
"Working out at ops you're in a highly competitive work environment that allowed me to grow and develop to the best of my athletic abilities, and allowed for better belief and confidence in my abilities on and off the field. I also saw so much growth and development in my body so it was visual and physical proof that OPS was real. You became the part that you envisioned and you were groomed and trained to be better!
Langston Ginder
University of Evansville Soccer
“OPS has been a huge part of my athletic journey; I started training with Paul when I was in elementary school. I have grown to have a relationship with all the trainers, and they make it a fun and open community for athletes to get better each day. OPS has helped me through a couple knee surgeries and made sure that I came back stronger than I was before both physically and mentally. I have truly never had coaches that care so much about me as the ones at OPS. It truly is a family and much more than business at OPS”
Mary McArdle
Cedarville University Volleyball
“I’ve been training with OPS since 2021 and it’s been an amazing experience. I’ve not only gotten much stronger, but I’ve gotten quicker and have faster reaction time which has translated onto the court. Going into my freshman year of college, I noticed that all the injury prevention and exercises to increase with my vertical paid off and helped my performance in volleyball! The trainers are incredible and work hard to specify our workouts to workouts to what we need for our sport.”
Kaley Matney
Eastern Kentucky University Soccer
“OPS was what initially inspired me to pursue a career in sports performance. Not only are the facilities incredible but the staff is thoroughly invested in your growth as an athlete and as a young person. Speed, agility, and strength training with OPS diversified myself as a recruit, allowing me to compete at the division I level and motivated me to do the same for other athletes.”
Gabby Torrez



OPS Dupont

10106 Dupont Cir Dr E, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

OPS Warsaw

701 Orthopedic Dr, Warsaw, IN 46582

OPS Ash Centre

1701 Freeman St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802


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$ 59 Monthly
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Two adults or One adult + dependent (12 yrs +) within same household
$ 89 Monthly
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Two adults + their dependents under the age of 21
$ 109 Monthly
  • 24 hour access
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Free iFit Membership

Discounts available for Lutheran Health Network Employees, Military, First Responders, and Students. Contact membership sales for more information. 

Premium ClasseS


A first of its kind in Indiana, OPS is proud to feature a 42-bike cycle room featuring Stages Studio bikes and programming. Escape the grind of everyday life with this high energy, party on a bike workout!

Adult Performance Training

Break out of your old mold and experience life changing results with Level Up! Adult Training. Learn from our certified performance coaches and discover a new community of motivated peers, as you uncover your inner athlete.

Additional fees apply. 

Barre Burn

What to Expect

Barre combines ballet inspired moves with elements of Pilates, yoga and strength training. This class will focus on high reps of small range of movements working those intricate muscle groups for a total body burn. This class is unheated!


Equipment Used

Ballet Bar, light hand weights, mat, gliding discs, bands

class length

45 mins

class times

Monday | 8:15 am

This class is included in your membership.

OPS Chiropractic care and therapy

Dr. Goins and Dr. Russell’s goal is to get to the root cause of your pain or movement impairment.  Using a combination of muscle testing, functional and orthopedic testing, and gait analysis, they work to more clearly identify what is driving the dysfunction.  Then a personalized game plan is put together, including at-home exercises aimed at isolating and building up the proper areas.  Whether it’s getting out of pain or boosting performance, they can give you the tools to get you there.

Call (260) 479-2752 to schedule an appointment. 

Offices are located in the new OPS Fitness Club located off of Dupont Rd. 

Meet the Team



Dr. Jason Russell, DC

Executive Director, Chiropractor


Dr. Nick Goins, DC

Director of Health and Wellness, Chiropracter

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