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Athlete Performance Questions Cheat Sheet, By Coach Jon Scribner


  1. Do you do sport specific training?
  1. We do have football and basketball opportunities, but athlete performance focuses on the athletes potential to be stronger, more powerful, faster, have great stability and be able to change direction and be able to jump. Our athletes have various age levels and abilities (6th grade-professional). Movements are modified based on the individual’s abilities as the coaches see fit.


  1. What do you normally do in a training session?
  1. We train the total athleticism in each athlete every single session.  Which includes coordination/balance, jumping, sprinting, change of direction, strength and power.


  1. Why train here if I can just do everything at home?
  1. You train here to get coached and overseen by our professional coaching staff that will use proven science and current overseen by our professional coaching staff that will use proven science and current studies to make sure you get the most out of your training and improving your athletic ability in the most effective way possible
  2. Parents can get a membership and train while kids workout too.  Members get a discount on athlete training.
  3. Our atmosphere is like no other for our athletes.


  1. What is Youth Athletic Development? 
  1. Classes that begin building the groundwork of what being athletic means to OPS through the use of play. Athleticism requires body coordination, power, hand eye coordination, sprinting, changing directions, critical thinking and many more other aspects that we will cover.  
  1. When is training?
  1. Athlete Performance Monday through Friday, at 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm.
  2. COMING SOON–Youth Athletic Development Monday -Thursday at 4:30 & 5:30, Friday at 4:30pm.


  1. How much does it cost?
  1. Non-members, $200/mo per High School Athlete (HS) x 3 times per week, $150/mo per Middle School Athlete (MS) x 2 times per week; $60/mo per College Athlete; $20/class drop-in rate
    1. POST OP / OPT REFERRAL with Paul or Jon; $50 Indiv Training, 4 session: $192, 8 session: $360, 12 session: $504
  2. Members, $50/mo per athlete (HS) x 3 times per week, $50/mo per athlete (MS) x 2 times per week; $8 drop-in rate
  3. Youth Athletic Development; 7-12 year olds $40/mo per athlete; $8 drop-in rate
    1. Members $8 for a drop in, or $40 for unlimited classes for the month

Non Members $20 drop in, or $75 for unlimited classes for the month

Basketball Cheat Sheet


  1. Are there open court times for my child to come in and shoot?
  1. Monday – Friday 7am – 3:30pm.  Possible empty court depending on training for the day.  Members must bring their own basketball. Calling the front desk before coming to the gym is a great idea too.


  1. What opportunities are there for training?
  • OPS provides basketball training sessions for all skill levels. Each session is packed with specific drills to fit each athlete’s individual needs. 
    • Skill and development training for athletes of all ages and skill level
    • Specialized training programs build confidence and discipline while developing and refining skills
    • Focus on both physical and mental aspects of the game
  • PRIVATE TRAINING (Individual & Group)
    • Private training sessions are an important tool for a basketball player to improve and build upon an individual skill set. Workouts are designed to identify strengths and weaknesses of a player’s game, to build confidence through developing core fundamentals and to challenge a player so they may advance their skillset to the next level.
  • PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION – Contact [email protected]
    • Sessions are 60 minutes. Full payments must be made before the sessions begins
    • Private lessons are scheduled on an appointment basis. Each season the times we have available for private lessons change
    • Players will need to go through a FREE evaluation prior to being scheduled for private individual lessons.
    • Players can request specific staff to work with however the player and trainers’ schedules have to match up. If they do not, we will suggest another trainer to work with.

  1. What is the best way to see an updated schedule?
  1. Going to 


  1. Do you have AAU teams?
  1. Black, Blue, White teams (Graduation Year)


  1. Do members receive a discount on training?
  1. Yes, 25% off pricing that is listed on most trainings

Child Activity Center Cheat Sheet


  1. What are the hours?
  1. Monday – Thursday: 8am-12pm – 4pm-7pm

Friday – Saturday 8am-12pm

Closed on Sunday


  1. Is it included in a membership?
  1. Child Activity Center is an additional cost, but we have different options for all family types.  Unlimited options are for 2 hour maximums a day.
    1. $25/month unlimited monthly visits for 1 child
    2. $40/month unlimited monthly visits for 2 children
    3. $50/month unlimited monthly visits for 3+ children
    4. $8 day pass
    5. $25 6 visits punch card


  1. How old can my kids be to use the child activity center?
  1. 3 months – 8 years old


  1. What will my kid do in the activity center?
  1. It is a curriculum based center, where kids focus on science, art, and movement depending on the hour they are in the activity center.


  1. What if my children fall between 9-12 years old?
  1. We offer Youth Athletic Development classes Monday – Thursday 4:30 & 5:30, Fridays at 4:30pm for kids 7-12 year old.  These classes set the groundwork of what being athletic means to OPS through the use of play. Pre-middle school athletes will learn what it means to move and to be an athlete and have fun while doing it.
  2. Pricing is $40 for unlimited classes a week for the month, or $8 drop in rate

FreeMotion Treadmill Cheat Sheet




Walking At 2 Mph And 21% Incline Can Burn 3x The Fat Calories Compared To Running At 6 Mph On A Flat Surface.


Walking At 2 Mph And 24% Incline Will Produce A Higher Heart Rate Than Running At 6 Mph And 0% Incline


At 27% Incline And Above, Glutes Fire At 100%, Hamstrings 73%, And Calf Muscles 90%.


At 30% Incline, 100% Of Back Leg Muscles



Reflex Cushioning Has Shown To Average A 29% Greater Reduction In Impact Force Compared To Running On Competitor’s Treadmills.


Train With Confidence Knowing The Patented Deck Tech Has Also Shown To Average A 20.5% Greater Reduction In Tibial Shock Compared To The Competition.


Easier on hips, knees, and ankles, the REFLEX™ proprietary cushioning deck absorbs shock to help run longer and stronger. Providing a 52% greater reduction in tibial shock compared to flat surface running,* The REFLEX Deck is the longevity solution for walking or running.

Ash Center-Optimum Performance Sports

1701 Freeman Street, Fort Wayne IN, 46802

(260)479-3497; Main line, also Justin Kenney

Email [email protected] for questions

Optimum Performance SportsWarsaw

701 Orthopedic Dr. Warsaw, IN 46582


Email [email protected] for general questions, email [email protected] for basketball questions

OPS Sports Medicine Doctor – Dr. Lucas Berghoff

2516 E. Dupont Road | Fort Wayne, IN 46825



Dupont – Optimum Performance Therapy

10106 Dupont Circle Drive East Suite 140 | Fort Wayne, IN 46825

(260) 416-5893 

FWO | OrthoStat

10106 Dupont Cir Dr E Suite 150, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

(260) 436-8686 Extension 2001,2002,2003;  Open 7am-7pm; Closed Sundays

SMPL Kitchen: 260-433-8591

Monday – Friday 8:30am for pick up breakfast; 11am-7pm ; Saturday 11am-3pm


IV Hydration Vitamin Therapy: 260-705-7457 or 260-479-2740

Monday-Friday 10am-7pm; Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 10am-2pm Or Facebook

Optimum Performance Therapy – Downtown

219 W Wayne St | Fort Wayne, IN 46802

(260) 479-3040

Optimum Performance Therapy – Southwest

7601 W Jefferson Blvd|Suite 102      46804 

(260) 435-2626

Optimum Performance Therapy – Auburn

820 Smaltz Way | Auburn, IN 46706

(260) 909-6400

Optimum Performance Therapy – Wabash

1700 Alber St | Suite 102 Wabash, IN 46992

(260) 563-9420

Shoot-A-Way Rental:

    • Shooting machine rentals are for Athletes age 12 years old or older.
    • Athletes between the ages of 12-15 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
    • A max of 3 players per hour can use the shooting machine. 
    • Reservations can be made through the OPS Dupont front desk staff and must have an OPS Basketball Staff Coach present.
    • Full payment must be made at the time of reservation.
    • Parents can reserve one 30 minute or 60 minute slot per day. 
    • There is no increase in rate for more than one player using the machine.
    • We do not offer a multiple rental discount.  The fee is the same no matter how many times you rent. 
    • Players do not have to train with or be a member of OPS Dupont to rent our shooting machines. 
  • When you arrive:
  • Please check in at the front desk so we can direct you to the correct court of your reservation.
    • Players must bring their own basketballs and basketball shoes to change into
    • Once your time is over, please report to the Front Desk to check out

If people call about Warsaw Basketball training→ Give them Bruce’s number

*Bruce Grimm #423-767-5024

*Lenny Krebs #574-536-5215


If people call about Warsaw Sports Performance—> Give them Nates number

*Nate Wadley #815-954-8281



Class descriptions – Front Desk please refer to this when new members ask about our classes or a specific class!


Incline trainer Boot Camp – total body bootcamp express.  We will utilize the incline trainers to walk or run for short timed intervals then circuit with weights and plyometrics.  Did you know that walking on the incline trainers at 21% incline or higher will burn more calories than running?! 


Ashtanga Yoga – This class follows the Ashtanga yoga primary series in the correct tempo. Ashtanga Yoga has inspired the Vinyasa based classes that you see today, except that we follow a sequence of postures. Over time our bodies begin to open to the postures becoming longer, leaner and stronger. We begin to develop an increase in concentration and mental stability. All levels welcome. The room will be warmed to about 80 degrees.


Alissa’s Hot power yoga- athletic based style of yoga that is fast paced stamina building yoga flow that focuses on strength, endurance and flexibility in a heated 98 degree room


Piloxing is a high intensity interval class that combines boxing combinations, standing pilates and a little bit of dance to fuse them together- 35 mins standing and 10 mins floorwork for glutes and core- big calorie burn


Optimum Burn – high intensity interval class that combines weights, cardio and core to get the total package in 45 mins- build muscle and strength with our body pump step and weighted bars

Outdoors- left side of building weights bands, mats and cardio


Burn N Tone – weighted bar and music based class design to tone your muscles integrating high reps=all levels


Heated Yogaltes – heated room combining yoga and pilates to strengthen all the body esp back and core


Express Booty lift – This class will focus on glute and hamstring activation.  Strengthen, sculpt, lift and tone your backside because maintaining a strong backside has MORE than just esthetic benefits!  Feel the burn in this quick 30 minute express class.


Barre/Heated Barre – light weights high rep, full body toning using the barre, bands, weights and exercise ball

Hot Power barre – same as barre just heavier weights


Groove n Tone – Cardio with intervals of using light weights while continuing to move for a full 45 mins cardio class


Booty N Core – 45 mins of toning your booty, abs, hips, inner thighs and back


Pilates N Tone – 45 minutes of pilates work that focuses on slow controlled movements to tone your entire body

The future of fitness is here! Join now! 



$ 59 Monthly
  • 24 hour access
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Free iFit Membership!


Two adults or One adult + dependent (12 yrs +) within same household
$ 89 Monthly
  • 24 hour acces
  • Free iFit Membership
  • Group Fitness Classes


Two adults + their dependents under the age of 21
$ 109 Monthly
  • 24 hour access
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Free iFit Membership

Discounts available for Lutheran Health Network Employees, Military, First Responders, and Students. Contact membership sales for more information. 

Premium ClasseS


A first of its kind in Indiana, OPS is proud to feature a 42-bike cycle room featuring Stages Studio bikes and programming. Escape the grind of everyday life with this high energy, party on a bike workout!

Adult Performance Training

Break out of your old mold and experience life changing results with Level Up! Adult Training. Learn from our certified performance coaches and discover a new community of motivated peers, as you uncover your inner athlete.

Additional fees apply. 

Barre Burn

What to Expect

Barre combines ballet inspired moves with elements of Pilates, yoga and strength training. This class will focus on high reps of small range of movements working those intricate muscle groups for a total body burn. This class is unheated!


Equipment Used

Ballet Bar, light hand weights, mat, gliding discs, bands

class length

45 mins

class times

Monday | 8:15 am

This class is included in your membership.

OPS Chiropractic care and therapy

Dr. Goins and Dr. Russell’s goal is to get to the root cause of your pain or movement impairment.  Using a combination of muscle testing, functional and orthopedic testing, and gait analysis, they work to more clearly identify what is driving the dysfunction.  Then a personalized game plan is put together, including at-home exercises aimed at isolating and building up the proper areas.  Whether it’s getting out of pain or boosting performance, they can give you the tools to get you there.

Call (260) 479-2752 to schedule an appointment. 

Offices are located in the new OPS Fitness Club located off of Dupont Rd. 

Meet the Team



Dr. Jason Russell, DC

Executive Director, Chiropractor


Dr. Nick Goins, DC

Director of Health and Wellness, Chiropracter

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