Optimum Performance Sports - Summer Programming




Dear Parents, Coaches, and Athletes;

As many of you may already be aware, Governor Holcomb announced his plan last week to start opening businesses. We have been preparing for this announcement for several weeks and cannot be more excited!

During the shutdown, our primary goal has been to prepare for these next few months; to give athletes the best tools and training needed to be successful. Our biggest worry has been that once sports resume, we are going to see a significant increase in injuries and that is something we want to prevent.

Starting Tuesday May 26th, we will begin OPS version of Summer Conditioning for High School and College Athletes for $5/session or $50 for 5 weeks. Our goal is to slowly build speed, strength, endurance, and power over the next 5 weeks to prepare the body for fall sports once they resume. We also want to make this as affordable as possible given the circumstances.

We want you to know that we take Covid-19 very seriously and have taken every step to ensure your athlete will be as safe as possible. A benefit of being a part of Lutheran Health Network is that we have had the training needed to screen athletes as well as the tools needed to maintain a safe and clean environment. Prior to entering the building, every athlete will have a thermal temperature scan and hand sanitizer will be required. We will have groups of 25 athletes per coach, and due to the size of our facility we can accommodate 3 groups at one time. We have strategically designed our workouts around social distancing and we feel very confident in our plan. In addition to summer conditioning, we will also resume small group football and basketball training.

I know that the past two months has been a trying time for everyone and I am excited that we can be a small part in returning some normalcy to you and your child’s life. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and look forward to seeing you soon! Please visit our website www.optimumperformancesports.com for more details on scheduling. Also, I have attached documents for you to review.


Jason Russell, DC Executive Director of Sports Medicine


  • May 26th - June 26th
  • 25 athletes per class
  • 3 classes per hour in 3 seperate spaces for conditioning classes
  • Only $5 per class or $50 unlimited classes for the entire 5 weeks

NEW Policies and Procedures

  • Athletes must sign up for class at least 1 hour prior to start time via online or mobile app
  • All payments must be done online. No payments will be exchanged in person
  • Athletes must enter through door #4 while practicing social distancing
  • Athletes will not be allowed in the building until 5 minutes prior to start time
  • Thermal temperature checks and hand sanitizer will be required upon entry
  • No parents or guests allowed in building
  • Athletes must bring their own water bottles to avoid gathering around water cooler
  • Staff will thoroughly clean and disinfect common areas between classes

Questions? Contact 260-479-3498